Thursday, July 17, 2008

11 Months and Growing!

So it begins here....

Madison Leigh today on her 11 month birthday!
Drinking a little juice at Noni and Papa's
Reading her cloth book that made her stand up by herself the one and oly time so far...
Playing on dad after her long day at school
Getting ready for school early on morning with her Aunt Cristin, who she has wrapped around her finger
So off to the Blogging:
First of all I want to tell Elizabeth Bice Grey thanks for giving me the idea of this blogging thing. I of course, looking on all of my friends myspace pages have come to find Elizabeth has a blog about what is going on in her world. It is too neat. Now I am not the writer like Elizabeth so don't judge my grammer and spelling. Anyways I have been looking for a place to go and post pics and news on our growing little angel. Well, I guess you can say angel she is something else but, the most precious thing on earth. Today Madison is 11 months old. I can not hardly believe that my child is almost a year. She will be traving to Oxford tomorrow to stay with her grandparents for the weekend. I am so attached at this moment that it is going to be very tough but, I am in need of a small break. Saturday is my birthday and tomorrow my sis and I am traving to Collins, MS to go to the water park. I am quite excited about this becuase I have not been out in the sun since well I really can not remeber. It was pre-Madison so I am guessing maybe the summer of '06. WOW! That has been a while. So back to the growing angel she is very active and in to everything now. She is not walking yet but it is not too far away. She is crawling and pulling up. She is pulling up, letting go and standing on her own. She says BYE and it is in the sweetest voice. Daycare made me aware today that is a little rough while playing with others. They told me that when they are playing in the floor she takes toys from others, makes them cry and laughs. So they have been having to tell her no a lot. She is very rough at home while playing with us so I can truly believe this about daycare. I do know that she really enjoys being at daycare because when I take her in the mornings she is very happy which is a very good feeling when I am off to work. There is only one down fall about daycare and that is catching colds. Yep we have got another. This is about our umpteenth one this year. It has become a regular thing to get a cold every month. She eventually gets over it after lots of tlc and meds. Anyways we call her Madi, Madi-moo, and Madison Leigh especially when she is getting into something. She has got her two front bottom teeth and has been supposedly getting her top. Well I can finally feel not the top two front but the next ones over and both are coming is. Where are the top front? I thought they were next. Huh...I don't know. Well this has been fun so I think I will try and update pretty regularly. So let me know what you think. I think it might be a good thing for those that we do not get to see very often. So keep checking in on us...